Eating for two

Eating for two

  • Reasons Why You May Be Suffering From Back Pain

    Lower back pain is one of the most common ailments that adults will develop at one time or another. The severity of this back pain can range from mildly uncomfortable to excruciatingly debilitating, depending on how serious the underlying causes are. What most people do not realise is that this back pain can be self-inflicted due to personal lifestyle choices. Luckily, this also means that you could prevent it if you know what to be wary of.

  • From Plaque to Tartar: Why You Should Remove Plaque from Your Teeth as Quickly as Possible

    The average human mouth contains anywhere between 34 to 72 species of bacteria. While most of these microorganisms benefit your oral health in some way, a few of them can cause tooth decay as well as gum disease if you allow them to spread out of control. However, removing these bacteria before they damage your teeth and gums is easy. After all, you can see and feel them by looking in the mirror or by running your tongue over your teeth.

  • CT Scans Vs. MRI for Prostate Cancer: Which Fares Better?

    Early in 2017, a British study at University College London indicated that using MRIs during the early stages of prostate cancer diagnosis could increase accuracy and reduce the number of biopsies needed. While this study shines a spotlight on MRIs, it doesn't mean the medical world is quite ready to ditch other diagnostic techniques just yet. For those who are facing the prospect of a prostate cancer diagnosis, understanding the difference between CT scans and MRIs is important.

  • A guide to slipped discs

    A slipped disc (also referred to as a prolapsed or herniated disc) is a condition in which the inner, gelatinous part of a spinal disc protrudes past the hard outer section. Here is a brief explanation of this medical issue. What causes a slipped disc? Slipped discs can sometimes appear when a person sustains a back injury after lifting an extremely heavy object or abruptly twisting their torso. This problem can also be caused by age-related disc degeneration; as a person's body gets older, the amount of water in their spinal discs decreases.

  • Hearing Aids: Handy Tips to Help New Users Adjust To Them

    When first-time users get their hearing aids, they tend to assume that they simply need to put them on and everything will be fine. The reality is that the first several weeks of using your new hearing aids will be a learning curve. Some of the common complaints new users have include feeling like everything sounds too loud, experiencing a sensation of their ears feeling plugged up, finding their own voice sounds foreign to them and more.

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