Eating for two

Eating for two

  • Can Wearing Contact Lenses Overnight Improve Your Eyesight?

    Standard contact lenses aren't generally meant to be worn overnight, although some extended life lenses can be left in for days at a time. Even if you can wear these lenses at night, they won't do anything to improve your vision However, there are some contact lenses that are only meant to be worn overnight. These lenses are used to improve your daytime vision. How do these lenses work, and will they fix your eyesight problems?

  • Should You Clean Dentures With an Electric Toothbrush?

    If you used an electric toothbrush before you had your teeth replaced with dentures, then you may be wondering if you can use this brush on your false teeth. Your dentist has told you to brush your dentures daily as well as soak them, but you aren't sure if you can do this safely with an electric brush. Will an electric toothbrush work on your new dentures? How Electric Toothbrushes Affect Dentures

  • 4 Reasons to Consider Home Health Care for Loved Ones Living With Disability

    One of the primary goals of home-based health care is to ensure that people with special needs receive quality, compassionate and personal care.  There are many care options available for this special group of people. If you have a family member who requires disability care, you may want to know about the benefits of such a service. Here are some reason why home health care is the best option for your loved one.

  • How to Choose a Retirement Village If You Don't Drive

    Your focus right now is on moving into a retirement village; however, you also need to consider how you get out of the village once you live in it. If you don't drive or think that you'll stop driving in the near future, then you need to a village that has good transport services. This matters a lot if you'll move to an out-of-town location. While you'll be happy living in your new community, you'll want to leave the village to shop, visit friends and family and even just to make day trips.

  • Which Medical Imaging Services Are Safe While You're Pregnant?

    Pregnancy is a time that comes with both joy and anxiety. While you look forward to welcoming your baby into the world, you also spend a few months doing what you can to protect them. In a healthy pregnancy, the medical imaging service you're most likely to encounter is an ultrasound scan. However, for mums-to-be who are facing ultrasounds and those who may need to use other types of imaging, it's often reassuring to know which ones are safe.

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When you are pregnant it's important not just to eat more than you have been eating previously but also that you are eating the right types of food to make sure that you and the baby stay healthy. Having a healthy diet and not eating the wrong foods can help to keep you feeling comfortable and happy throughout your pregnancy and ensure the best outcomes for you and the baby. This blog has some nutrition advice from parents and health professionals so that you can have a healthy diet throughout you pregnancy journey and includes details on where to get specific advice if you need more help.