Eating for two

Eating for two

  • A guide to slipped discs

    A slipped disc (also referred to as a prolapsed or herniated disc) is a condition in which the inner, gelatinous part of a spinal disc protrudes past the hard outer section. Here is a brief explanation of this medical issue. What causes a slipped disc? Slipped discs can sometimes appear when a person sustains a back injury after lifting an extremely heavy object or abruptly twisting their torso. This problem can also be caused by age-related disc degeneration; as a person's body gets older, the amount of water in their spinal discs decreases.

  • Hearing Aids: Handy Tips to Help New Users Adjust To Them

    When first-time users get their hearing aids, they tend to assume that they simply need to put them on and everything will be fine. The reality is that the first several weeks of using your new hearing aids will be a learning curve. Some of the common complaints new users have include feeling like everything sounds too loud, experiencing a sensation of their ears feeling plugged up, finding their own voice sounds foreign to them and more.

  • Hearing Loss: Three Beneficial Features for Your New Hearing Aids

    Hearing loss is primarily associated with natural aging and chronic or prolonged exposure to extreme sound levels or loud noise. This condition has also been linked to other causes such as diseases, administration of some medication and even genetic disorders. Fortunately, hearing loss can be managed through the use of hearing aids. The standard devices are normally designed to amplify sound. You will also find cochlear implants which are built to bypass the damaged part of the ear and stimulate the hearing nerves directly.

  • New to Cosmetic Dentistry?: 3 Treatments Offered by Cosmetic Dentist

    Teeth which are misaligned, misshapen or discoloured can lower your confidence and self-esteem. If you are unhappy with how your teeth look, you may be considering a visit to a cosmetic dentist. If you have never visited a cosmetic dentist before, you might be wondering about the different services they can offer. Below is a guide to 3 common procedures used by a cosmetic dentist to improve your smile. Tooth Whitening

  • Diabetic Vascular Disease: Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatment Options

    If you have poorly controlled type 2 diabetes, you're susceptible to developing diabetic vascular disease. This is a serious condition that causes your arteries to harden, which can lead to high blood pressure. Hardened arteries can also force blood vessels to grow abnormally in order to cope with the additional strain placed on them. Here's what you need to know about diabetic vascular disease: Symptoms The symptoms of diabetic vascular disease can vary depending on which arteries, and the corresponding parts of your body, are affected.

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Eating for two

When you are pregnant it's important not just to eat more than you have been eating previously but also that you are eating the right types of food to make sure that you and the baby stay healthy. Having a healthy diet and not eating the wrong foods can help to keep you feeling comfortable and happy throughout your pregnancy and ensure the best outcomes for you and the baby. This blog has some nutrition advice from parents and health professionals so that you can have a healthy diet throughout you pregnancy journey and includes details on where to get specific advice if you need more help.