Eating for two

Eating for two

Hearing Loss: Three Beneficial Features for Your New Hearing Aids

Louis Stone

Hearing loss is primarily associated with natural aging and chronic or prolonged exposure to extreme sound levels or loud noise. This condition has also been linked to other causes such as diseases, administration of some medication and even genetic disorders. Fortunately, hearing loss can be managed through the use of hearing aids. The standard devices are normally designed to amplify sound. You will also find cochlear implants which are built to bypass the damaged part of the ear and stimulate the hearing nerves directly. If you are looking for hearing aids for the first time or are shopping for replacements, you must diligently evaluate your options before selection. Here are some of the most beneficial special features to consider for optimal performance of your hearing aids.

Feedback Reduction

Audio feedback can occur from the hearing aids, particularly when the device is being inserted into the ear and in certain surroundings. In simple terms, the users will experience unpleasant noise which can compromise comfort. For example, most people experience significant digital noise when close to telephones and if the hearing aid is dislodged as the jaw moves. The feedback reduction or suppression feature is designed to quell or suppress these sounds to improve comfort. Moreover, it will improve the sound quality received through the hearing aids.

Advanced Microphone Features

Modern hearing aids have enhanced microphone functions for an optimal audio experience. When shopping, look for devices with directional microphones. These are primarily designed to pick the sound coming from the front as opposed to the sides or the back. Consequently, you will be able to converse with people more comfortably. It is also important to ensure that the hearing aid can change from this directional sound reception to the omnidirectional alternative automatically. Omnidirectional hearing is essential for personal safety in crowded areas because they allow you to pick up sounds from all around you. If you wish, you can get an advanced microphone which can shift the directional microphone to the sides and even the rear.


A telecoil is a useful feature to have when in public places. The telecoil can be defined as a wire which can pick up sound directly from public address systems. Basically, these systems are connected to a special audio induction loop which emits magnetic signals. This cable is installed around conference rooms, museums and other similar spaces, and the telecoil will easily pick sound from it. With this feature, you will enjoy great sound quality and minimal background noise.


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